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MCH Método Constructivo HabitacionalConstruction Method

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MCH has industrialised the process to construct housing, achieving highest quality and resilience in the buildings, while maximising the versatility of their design.

MCH is the Spanish acronym for Método Constructivo Habitacional . This is its proprietary construction method, which industrialises the processes for construction of housing, from the laying of the foundations to the moment the company hands over the keys to the home owners.

The Essentium Group has patented the methodology, which is the outcome of over ten years of rigorous research and development (R&D). The basic idea is to take advantage of special concrete load-bearing panels, which provide maximum resistence and design versatility. They are assembled using our own anchoring system.

Our best-in-class engineering, both while manufacturing the panels and when putting them in place, enables serial assembly of high-quality buildings, significantly reducing costs and lead times.

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