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MCH Método Constructivo HabitacionalConcept

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MCH has set up a highly innovative project, studied in depth for the last ten years by the Essentium Group's R&D department, to tackle shortages of social housing and middle-class housing in emerging economies

UN data show that 30% of the population worldwide (2.1 bn people) are homeless or living in slum conditions.

MCH was set up to provide a global response to this problem. It offers a robust solution for governments, private developers and public-private initiatives that need to plan and build quality housing at highly competitive prices and with short lead times.

MCH designs and builds a new concept of town, designed with avant-gard urbanistic criteria and developed to ensure energy efficiency and sustainable construction.

MCH is also a source of local jobs and sustainable development in the areas where we operate. The company builds aconcrete-panel factory for each project. This creates local jobs, facilitates the transfer of technology and fosters the generation of a business culture in the region.

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