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The Essentium Group recorded an estimated turnover of €446m in 2012, growing 18% over the previous year. Its EBITDA was €27m, 22% higher than in 2011.

Essentium has a backlog of €1.55 bn. This is nearly double the number of orders it held in 2011. 84% of the orders in the backlog come from outside Spain.

Essentium has built 834 km of rail tracks in Spain and elsewhere (High-speed rail / 581 km; Conventional track / 152 km; Metro / 88 km; Tramway / 12.6 km). It has built over 440 km of roads and motorwaysand carries out conservation and maintenance for diverse infrastructure including over 1,000 km of roads in the Spanish nationwide road network.

In its building business, Essentium has built and fitted out a total of 76 hospitals and health centres, 65 stadiumsand sports complexes, and over 2,000 hotel rooms. We have also refurbished 250,000 m2 of historical buildings and built over 2,500 homes inside Spain and elsewhere.

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