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MCH Método Constructivo HabitacionalMajor projects

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MCH is developing projects for the construction of 70,000 homes in various countries around the world

MCH is a company with a clearly international focus, which started up as a robust solution to tackle the housing deficits suffered by many countries.

At present, MCH is carrying out projects in Angola, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Kenya and Venezuela for the construction of over 70,000 homes.

MCH already has factories operating in Angola and Venezuela. Our projects in these countries already amount to over 15,000 homes.


The company is building 5,000 single-family homes in Lubango.


Project to construct 10,000 social housing units in Bouinan, in the Blida region.

saudi Arabia

MCH carries out three projects to build 43,000 homes in two towns.


The Group is developing seven projects in the largest towns in Kenya.


MCH has started up three projects that will make 10,144 social housing units.

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