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MCH Método Constructivo HabitacionalAngola

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MCH is building a project for 5,000 single-family houses in Lubango

In Angola, MCH is developing a project to build 5,000 single-family houses in Lubango, the capital of the Huila province, and in other sites within the country.

The hallmark of this project, conceived to provide housing for the burgeoning middle class in the region, is the predominance of light, with family houses and open spaces designed according to local tastes and requirements and finished to ensure excellent quality throughout.

MCH is building this project as part of a joint venture with Angolian partners.It has a factory to manufacture concrete panels for the construction of 1,000 homes a year. The urbanisation of the zone has begun and the first homes are already being built.


Proyecto de viviendas unifamiliares en Lubango, Angola

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