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MCH Método Constructivo HabitacionalSaudi Arabia

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Traditional Saudi architecture finds a definitive outlet in the MCH projects for Riyadh and Jeddah

In Saudi Arabia, MCH has developed three projects for the construction of a total of 43,040 homes. Two of these are planned for the outskirts of the capital city, Riyadh, and a third to be built in the suburbs of Jeddah.

We always respect the aesthetic tastes, religious customs and cultures in the different parts of the world where MCH operates. In these developments, the company has achieved a singular beauty using traditional Saudi architectural features.

MCH town designs in this environment cannily combine the public and the private. Common amenities and furnishings are located in shared spaces, such as what has become known as the "knowledge centre", where the mosques, schools, museums, local administration, etc. are located. However, in the housing, the the culture of intense privacy inside the home prevails, and this and a preference for having the family business near or even inside the home has been incorporated into the design from the outset.

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